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CompactSoft Maintenance Management Add-on on Microsoft Dynamics AX


Seeking to target enterprise customers seeking state of the art technology and highest innovation, CompactSoft has elected Microsoft Dynamics AX to be its companion to achieve this target. With the latest applied technology and innovation provided by Microsoft in the Business Solutions products (Microsoft Dynamics), combined with CompactSoft implementation and industry expertise, CompactSoft was able to provide its customers with the latest business software solutions.


With the power and expertise of CompactSoft in business software development, CompactSoft was able to leverage the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics AX with CompactSoft integrated business software products, special solutions and Add-ons. Integrating CompactSoft software products and special purpose solutions with Microsoft Dynamics, and development of special solutions and vertical industry add-ons on the Microsoft Dynamics AX platform, resulted in providing our customers with Total Integrated Solutions that covers their business software requirements. Especially domestic (local) requirements that should be compliant with the Egyptian market working environment and legal laws regulations and laws.

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