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Point of Sale

Point of Sale System

Point of Sale

Recording & following up of the branch’s sales and the company’s exhibitions with the ability to read the barcode for the items and make the sales centralized throughout using the synchronization between these branches & head quarter with more than one way, so we can identify each branch’s sales, the biggest branch in sales volume and the biggest product in sales volume to define the demand volume for the products in order to take the decision about producing or purchasing more of these products or not throughout the report of the missing sales and finally the ability to identify each branch’s balance from the inventory counting to extract the profit or loss besides following up of the cashier’s balance, branch’s petty cash balance and the centralized petty cash balance.


- Achieving fast & direct entry of sales orders through the cashiers.

- The centralized following up of the company’s sales branches throughout the synchronization between the head quarter & branches.

- The availability of refilling branch from another branch according to the sales and the available on hand of these branches.

- Identification of sales volume for each branch in order to identify the largest & smallest branch in sales volume.

- Following up of the branch’s warehouse on hand on the basis of (color, size & style) in order to identify the right time to create transfer orders of the branches.

- Following up of cash cashier’s balances.

- Following up of branch’s reservations volume.

- Identifying of requirements on a specific product throughout recording the missing invoices in order to take the right decision of producing more or not.

- Following up of branch’s counting to identify the profit or loss.

- Following up of sales representative’s sales or returns.

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