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General Ledger & Cost Accounting

General Ledger & Cost Accounting System

General Ledger & Cost Accounting

The availability of integrating between the different subs modules such as:

Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, the availability of combining or separating the chart of accounts & cost centers, the availability of creating the vouchers with the different journal names such as the daily journals and allocating the account on different cost centers, the availability of preparing the periodic journals and retrieving it in the general journals, the availability of preparing the reversed vouchers, the availability of using multi currencies and using exchange adjustments to re-evaluate the currencies, the availability of extracting the different reports such as account statement, account statement by cost centers, ledger transaction list, trial balances and divided trial balances, the availability


- Identifying the financial statements of the organization in any time & the availability for making comparison between fiscal years.

- Extracting consolidated financial statements for group of companies.

- Follow up of the cash flow and the liquidity volume of the organization.

- Financial auditing throughout the different journal names and general journals.

- Identifying the profitability & cost centers of the organization's projects.

- Dealing with multi currencies and follow up of the realized profits & losses of the exchange adjustment.

- Analyzing & auditing of all activities of the organization.

Available Versions

- SQL.

- Oracle.