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Fixed Assets Management

Fixed Assets Management System

Fixed Assets Management

Prepare & record the fixed assets coding according to the acquisition data and the usage date in which we enter the depreciation percentage per fixed asset group or per fixed asset in order to calculate depreciation, also distribute the fixed asset’s depreciation on the cost centers with the ability to record a big number of similar fixed assets at one time, also the ability to make counting for fixed assets by barcode with following up of the acquisitions & disposals during period, also extracting the net profit or loss from selling fixed assets and finally extracting the various reports of the depreciations monthly or annually per fixed asset group or fixed asset and per cost centers.


- Detailed following up of the organization's fixed assets & connecting them with fixed assets group after creating them.

- Periodic follow up for the fixed asset's depreciation according to the specific service life of the fixed asset's value model.

- Identification of the profits or losses which is resulted from disposal – sales of the fixed assets during specific period.

- Following up of the depreciation proposal for the fixed assets allocated on the cost centers according to the specified allocation percentage of these cost centers with regard to the fixed asset loading during the months.

- Facilitating in the counting of fixed assets through printing barcodes.

Available Versions

- Sql

- Oracle