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Accounts Payable System

Accounts Payable - Purchasing

Accounts Payable System

Recording and following up of the detailed vendor’s information with many ways of dealing, following up & executing the vendor’s purchase orders, , following up of the purchase invoices & returns with the availability to retain the gained discounts, the value of sales taxes & withholding taxes on it whether these invoices are cash or credit on the base of territories, divisions & representatives, following up of the different types of payments and extracting the following reports: vendor’s account statements, vendor’s journals, trial balances for vendors, their debit & credit balances during specific period and the purchase report by items in different prices per vendor.

The availability of integrating with inventory management module, its direct effect on the item’s balances in quantity & value and the availability of


- Following up of the vendor’s performance and commitment.

- Following up of the purchase orders, supplying it & the remaining quantities of the delivered purchase orders.

- Calculating and distributing the cost of misc. charges on all the invoice’s items.

- Following up of the vendor’s posting profiles & their current balances whether it is debit or credit.

- Following up of the vendor’s discounts rules & the different tax types.

- Analyzing of the vendor’s account statement for the cash, credit purchases and the different methods of payments.

Available Versions


- Oracle