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Sales & Accounts Receivable

Sales & Accounts Receivable system

Sales & Accounts Receivable

Recording and following up of the detailed customer’s information with many ways of dealing, following up & executing the customer’s sales orders, recording price list & discount rules for each customer separately, following up of the sales invoices & returns whether it’s cash or credit on the base of territories, sales divisions & sales representatives with calculating their balances automatically, following up of the different types of payments & its effect on the debit & credit accounts, extracting the following reports: list of sales invoices, customer’s account statements, customer’s aging reports, analytic customer journals, sales report by items & customer with comparison to previous years and finally extracting trial balance for customers with their debit & credit balances during specific period.

The availability of integrating with the inventory management module, its direct effect on the balances of items in quantity & value and the availability of integrating with the general ledger module with assigning the vouchers to one accumulate


- The availability for making sales forecast and comparing between current sales & sales forecast or comparing throughout the previous years.

- Studying the distribution territories which increases the organization’s sales on the basis of comparing sales between territories, sales rep. or sales departments.

- Follow up of customers and making sure to achieve their orders and delivering it simultaneously.

- Posting & follow up of all types of sales invoice, customer's indebtedness and payments of invoices.

- Aging of customers and its effect on cash flow.

- Studying the sales volume, credit returns, cash returns and net returns on the basis of items or services.

- Follow up of the calculations of incentives & commissions which increases the sales volume.

- Studying the trade agreements rules (pricing & discounts), facilities, credit rules and its effect on the sales volume & liquidity.

- Sales analysis which helps in taking decisions about policies of specifying product builder, sales forecast & distribution policies.

- Follow up of the planned & actual deviation of the sales.

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