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Catheterization System

Catheterization System

Catheterization System

Recording & following up doctors data & recall their information through integrating with In patient accounts–recording floors of Catheterization surgery rooms- urgeries rooms & awakening rooms – surgeries names.

Recording confirmed & unconfirmed reservations appointments in days & hours Specifying More than one surgery for the same reserving patient in all types of surgeries, surgeons, anesthetic, nurses & all participants in the surgery.

Recording the awakening operation after finishing catheterization surgery & the transfer of the patient to the wakening room & the doctor responsible for following him inside the room.


- Follow up of the Catheterization rooms, residence rooms and the surgeries names.

- Classification of the surgeries (small – large … etc).

- Follow up of the reservation transaction whether it’s unconfirmed or confirmed with different appointments in days and hours.

- Record of the residence transaction after finishing the Catheterization and transferring the patient and the cured doctor to the resident room.

- Record of the doctor’s & nurse’s shifts transaction during the day.

- Follow up of the total Catheterization operations for the doctors.

- A statistical list of total catheterization operations for the patient’s type.

- A list for the patient’s consumption values.

- A statistical list of the status for the catheterization operations.

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