Compact Soft

Career Opportunities

Software Development/Programming
DEV-001: Software Technical Manager
DEV-002: Senior Software Teams Leader
DEV-101: Senior Software Developer
DEV-201: Software Developer
ANA-101: Senior Software Analyst/Designer
ANA-202: Software Analyst/Designer
Training, Implementation & Support of Business Software Applications
CSR-001: Customer Support Manager
CSR-002: Customer Support Director
CSR-003: Customer Support Team Leader
CSR-101: Senior Customer Support Representative
CSR-201: Customer Support Representative
IMP-001: ERP Implementation Manager
IMP-002: ERP Implementation Team Leader
IMP-101: Senior ERP Implementation Engineer
IMP-201: ERP Implementation Engineer
IT Management
IT-001: IT Manager
IT-101: Senior IT Representative
Marketing, Sales & Pre-sales
SAL-001: Sales & Marketing Manager
SAL-002: Sales Manager
SAL-003: Sales Team Leader
SAL-004: Sales Specialist
PRE-001: Pre-sales Manager
PRE-002: Pre-sales Team Leader
PRE-002: Pre-sales Specialist
Administration & Project Management
PRJ-001: Project Manager
PRJ-002: Resource Manager
ADM-001: Executive Secretary
ADM-002: Secretary

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