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Telemarketing agent

General Requirements:

- Cooperative

- Representative

- Good Command of English

- Hard worker

- Ability to work under stress

- Self motivated

- Dedicated

- Well organized

- Ability to work in a team

- target achieving

Job Requirements:

Qualifications :

- Bachelor Degree: Commerce or equivalent

- Preferred Experience: (6months - 2 Years Experience in any field) (experience in a call center is a plus)

- Gender : Female

Job Description:

- Promote CompactSoft software products & services via phone

- Introduce CompactSoft company profile to customers

- Identify customer software requirements

- Run a phone-based questionnaire dialog with prospects and leads

- Record prospect customer information

- Maintain database of prospects, leads and opportunities

- Evaluate prospects to be qualified into leads

- Follow up prospects and leads

- Transfer qualified leads into opportunities

- Communicate qualified opportunities to the sales department

- Achieve Telemarketing Phone Calls Targets

- Report Telemarketing Progress to Management

- Create Periodical Reports of Telemarketing Operations

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