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Customer Support Representative

General Requirements:

- Hard worker

- Ability to work under stress

- Self motivated

- Dedicated

- Well organized

- Ability to work in a team

Job Requirements:

1- Minimum Bachelor degree of: Engineering, Computer Science or Commerce (English Section is Recommended)

2- Minimum 1-2 years of experience in either:

A- Implementation (Installation, Training and Support) of business software applications, OR

B- Operating business software packages (e.g. System Operator, System User, IT Representative or IT Manager)

3- Good knowledge of Accounting concepts

4- Very good Representation

5- Report writing capabilities

6- Good Command of English

7- Experience in MS Office (especially Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel)

8- Ability of creating presentations using Microsoft Power Point

9- Commitment to project delivery dates and task deadline dates

10- Ownership of a car will be a privilege

11- Experience in pre-sales activities will be a privilege

12- Experience in Installation and Administration of Microsoft SQL Server 2000 RDBMS will be a privilege

Job Description:

- Work with a team of senior and junior business software support representatives

- Troubleshooting software issues and technical support on software applications via phone, email or on-site visits

- Implementation of CompactSoft business software applications, including activities like: software installation, training and support, until final delivery and project signoff to customer

- Gather, document and approve customer requirements in software customization projects

- Handover of the customer requirements to system designers and architects for development

- Receiving, inspecting and testing developed requirements until final delivery to customers

- Conducting in-house and on-site software test labs

- Presentation of software functionality and demonstrations to customers

- Performing periodical system audit and executing software maintenance procedures for customers on-site

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