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Advanced Financials

Advanced Financials Add-On On Microsoft Dynamics AX

Checks, LC, LG, Payment Commissions, Item Rebates, Advanced Sales Invoicing

The Advanced Financials module introduces many additional features to Dynamics AX in financial area. The add-on includes Advanced Checks Management, LC (Letter of Credit), LG (Letter of Guarantee), Payment Commission Automation & item rebates.

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Solution Description

Using CompactSoft Advanced Financials Add-on you can automate & control all the financial business processes in an easy & accurate method. Some of the features are listed below:

Checks Management

- Full integration with Dynamics AX General Ledger, AR & AP modules

- Full tracking of incoming & outgoing checks

- Ability to move multiple checks in a single transaction

LC (Letter Of Credit)

- Sub Ledger with full integration with Dynamics AX General Ledger & AP modules

- Define customized posting groups to ease voucher creation

- Easy & simple LC vouchers posting

- Easy distribution of LC cost to items cost

LG (Letter Of Guarantee)

- Sub Ledger with full integration with Dynamics AX General Ledger module

- Record all LG related vouchers from LG module

- Track LG status from opening to closing

Payment Commission Automation

- Sub Ledger with full integration with Dynamics AX General Ledger & AR modules

- Automates collections commissions on customer payments

- Automatic posting of commission due vouchers

- Easy creation of commission payment vouchers

Advanced Sales Invoicing

- Posting sales invoice prior to items shipping

- Online posting of taxes & charges with invoice

Customer Item Rebates

User defined rules for rewarding customers with free/discounted products Automatic calculation of rebates in sales orders

- Built using Microsoft Dynamics AX Development Tools (MorphX & X++ Source Code), CompactSoft Advanced Financials Add-on provides tight integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX functionality.

- Microsoft Dynamics AX is a comprehensive business management solution for mid-sized and larger organizations. With core strengths in manufacturing and e-business, there is an additional strong functionality for the wholesale and services industries.

- Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP functionality includes: Financial Management, Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing Management, Master Planning and Customer Relationship Management.

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